Who's who in Government 2020

Malta’s newly appointed Prime Minister Robert Abela has announced his cabinet following days of speculation. The new Cabinet is the largest in Maltese history.

Who's Who: Malta's Top Oil & Gas Companies

Malta's energy sector has been completely re-engineered. Electricity production has been shifted away from fuel oil generation towards a cheaper, cleaner, gas-powered energy matrix, which has helped persuade the private sector to invest.

Who's Who: Healthcare

Malta's vision is to transform the healthcare sector into a medical education and health tourism hub, while adding much needed extra capacity for local patients seeking high-quality medical care and health facilities.

Who's Who: Education

MaltaProfile has compiled a comprehensive list of institutions that provide education, training and development in Malta.

Who's Who: Malta's Top English Language Schools

The English-language teaching sector, consists of some 40 schools, including many locally founded ones, such as AM Language Studio and Easy School of Languages, as well as international players that include Education First (EF).

Who's Who: Malta's Top DLT Companies

Malta's vision is to create a thriving blockchain economy by providing a high level of regulatory certainty to a space that thus far is mostly unregulated. The ambition is that the sector will account for 10% of GDP by 2027.

Who's Who: Mobility Malta

Malta’s transport system is undergoing a radical rethink, and the island is betting on intelligent traffic management systems and other innovations that have the potential to shake up its networks.

Who's Who: eSports Malta

Malta’s success as an iGaming hub is having the knock-on effect of enticing other industries into establishing a presence of their own.

Who's Who in Malta's Medical Cannabis Sector

With the European medical cannabis market forecast to reach a value in excess of EUR 55 billion within the next decade, Malta has been quick out of the starting blocks to position itself as the first EU Member State to provide a holistic regulatory framework for this category of rapidly emerging therapies.



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